tokio.cli.darshan_scoreboard module

Process the Darshan daily summary generated by either summarize_darshanlogs or index_darshanlogs tools and generate a scoreboard of top sources of I/O based on user, file system, and/or application.


Entry point for the CLI interface

tokio.cli.darshan_scoreboard.print_top(categorized_data, max_show=10)[source]

Print the biggest I/O {users, exes, file systems}

tokio.cli.darshan_scoreboard.query_index_db(db_filenames, limit_fs=None, limit_user=None, limit_exe=None, exclude_fs=None, exclude_user=None, exclude_exe=None, max_results=None)[source]

Reduce Darshan log index by fs, user, and/or exe

tokio.cli.darshan_scoreboard.vprint(string, level)[source]

Print a message if verbosity is enabled

  • string (str) – Message to print
  • level (int) – Minimum verbosity level required to print