tokio.cli.compare_isdct module

Compare two NERSC ISDCT dumps and report
  1. the devices that appeared or were removed
  2. the numeric counters whose values changed
  3. the string counters whose contents changed
tokio.cli.compare_isdct._convert_counters(counters, conversion_factor, label)[source]

Convert a single flat dictionary of counters of bytes into another unit

tokio.cli.compare_isdct.convert_byte_keys(input_dict, conversion_factor=9.313225746154785e-10, label='gibs')[source]

Convert all keys ending in _bytes to some other unit. Accepts either the raw diff dict or the reduced dict from reduce_diff()


Look through all diffs and report serial numbers of devices that show changes in counters that may indicate a hardware issue.


Entry point for the CLI interface

tokio.cli.compare_isdct.print_summary(old_isdctfile, new_isdctfile, diff_dict)[source]

Print a human-readable summary of diff_dict


Take the raw output of .diff() and aggregate the results of each device

tokio.cli.compare_isdct.summarize_errors(diff_dict, isdct_data)[source]

Print a human-readable summary of any bad SSDs


Print a human-readable summary of the relevant reduced diff data