tokio.connectors.craysdb module

This connection provides an interface to the Cray XT/XC service database (SDB). It is intended to be used to determine information about a node’s configuration within the network fabric to provide topological information.

class tokio.connectors.craysdb.CraySdbProc(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: tokio.connectors.common.SubprocessOutputDict

Dictionary subclass that self-populates with Cray SDB data.

Presents certain views of the Cray Service Database (SDB) as a dictionary-like object through the Cray SDB CLI.

__init__(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Load the processor configuration table from the SDB.

  • *args – Passed to tokio.connectors.common.SubprocessOutputDict
  • **kwargs – Passed to tokio.connectors.common.SubprocessOutputDict

Serialize self in a format compatible with xtdb2proc.

Returns the object in the same format as the xtdb2proc output so that this object can be circularly serialized and deserialized.

Returns: str: String representation of the processor mapping table in a format compatible with the output of xtdb2proc.


Load the xtdb2proc data for a Cray system.

Parses the xtdb2proc output text and inserts keys/values into self.

Parameters:input_str (str) – stdout of the xtdb2proc command